We've been crafting success stories since 2016.

From a home office dream to empowering businesses—our journey mirrors yours.

We've supported over 350+ businesses from Aotearoa and around the globe.

Our core values.

They're not just words on a website; they're the guiding principles that steer every decision, every interaction, and every solution we craft. Rooted in integrity, collaboration, innovation, dedication, and a strong sense of community, these values define who we are and how we work.

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Customer first

We're committed to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

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Passion for service

We're not just here to do a job; we're driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

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At Nicholson & Co, we're dedicated to delivering results, no matter what it takes.

Everyone has a story behind them. Here’s ours!

Nicholson & Co's story mirrors the challenges and successes faced by many of the businesses we are privileged to support.

We experienced growth, downsizing, economic changes, a pandemic, and evolving business landscapes firsthand. Just like you, we've navigated these highs and lows, adapting and reshaping our strategies along the way.


Matt Nicholson led national marketing partnerships for a global restaurant marketing app.

Matt took his business advisory skills and transitioned to advising restaurants, cafes, and bistros.

The company expanded into real estate and not-for-profits, establishing 2 offices. We also worked in the UK.

Servicing over 300+ clients, the company moved to a high-tech office in Smales Farm, and worked in the USA.

Completed 1800+ projects across NZ for the year. We ventured to Dublin, Ireland, to work on a Global Project.

Relocated to the vibrant Waikato region amidst the pandemic, we transitioned to remote office working.

Open positions.

Explore exciting opportunities to join our dynamic team and make a meaningful impact. We're actively seeking talented individuals who are passionate about driving growth and innovation in the business world.