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Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower local businesses with genuine support and tailored strategies, fostering growth that aligns precisely with their unique business story.

At Nicholson & Co, we believe in bridging business goals with personalized advice, nurturing success, and building lasting relationships within our community.

From Passion to Purpose: Crafting Success Stories Since 2016

From a home office dream to empowering businesses—our journey mirrors yours.

Nicholson & Co's story mirrors the challenges and successes faced by many of the businesses we are privileged to support. We began as a small consultancy, operating from a home office and fuelled by a passion for marketing advisory.

As our journey unfolded, we encountered the ebb and flow familiar to all small business owners. We experienced growth, downsizing, economic changes, a pandemic, and evolving business landscapes firsthand. Just like you, we've navigated these highs and lows, adapting and reshaping our strategies along the way.

Today, while we proudly service the Waikato & Bay Of Plenty with our in-person consultancy, our reach extends far beyond through our Zoom Advisory services, enabling us to assist clients anywhere across the country.

Over time, our expertise expanded beyond marketing—we now delve into every aspect of business to address the hurdles hindering growth.

Our Guiding Values

They're not just words on paper; they're the guiding principles that steer every decision, every interaction, and every solution we craft. Rooted in integrity, collaboration, innovation, dedication, and a strong sense of community, these values define who we are and how we work. They're the foundation upon which our relationships are built, ensuring that our clients receive not just exceptional service but an unwavering commitment to their success.


At Nicholson & Co, integrity is the cornerstone of our approach. We believe in transparency, honesty, and unwavering ethics in all our dealings. It's the bedrock upon which our relationships are built.


We're committed to fostering genuine partnerships based on trust and mutual respect. Collaboration isn't just a buzzword for us—it's the essence of how we work, hand in hand with our clients to achieve shared goals.


Innovation fuels our journey. We thrive on creative problem-solving and exploring new strategies to drive business growth. Adapting to evolving landscapes is ingrained in our approach.


We are passionately invested in the success of each business we support, going above and beyond to deliver personalised solutions crafted for your unique needs.


At our core, we value community. Giving back and supporting the communities we serve is not just a responsibility but a privilege. Together, we grow stronger.

Meet your advisor Matt Nicholson

A seasoned business professional driven by a fervent commitment to achieving exceptional results for his clients. With a career spanning diverse industries and a portfolio boasting over 300 successful partnerships both locally and globally, Matt has cultivated a profound understanding of business dynamics. As the lead advisor and owner of N&Co, his passion for fostering enduring client relationships and delivering tangible, measurable impacts on businesses has been paramount. Matt's expertise extends across various sectors, including construction, central government, real estate, not-for-profits, and small businesses, where his strategic guidance has consistently driven success.

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We're proud Supporters of our community

$2.4m+ Funded for Not-For-Profits

At Nicholson & Co, our commitment extends beyond business—we believe in actively engaging with and giving back to the communities we serve. We're proud partners of The Echo Walking Festival, helping people to experience our own backyard and the amazing beauty of the Bay of Plenty & Waikato. Our involvement extends to other Not-For-Profits each year where we contribute our expertise and resources to help source funding, both monetary and resource based, for our community organisations. 

Why choose Nicholson & Co?

Choosing Nicholson & Co means partnering with a consultancy deeply rooted in your business success. Our commitment is unwavering—to provide more than just advice; we offer a dedicated partnership invested in your growth.

What sets us apart? It's our personalised approach, crafted from years of hands-on experience and a genuine understanding of the challenges small businesses face. We're not just advisors; we're problem-solvers, collaborators, and champions of your vision.

Our track record of empowering over 300 clients across diverse industries speaks volumes about our ability to drive tangible, measurable results. Whether it's strategic guidance, innovative solutions, or unwavering support, choosing Nicholson & Co means choosing a committed partner dedicated to seeing your business thrive.

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