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Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Turn your business around, and get people to notice. Tailored support for your marketing with a no-frills, honest approach.

If a person in a chicken suit was spinning a pizza on the roadside, would you look?

The answer is, yes. Our job is to help you get in the suit.

What is Marketing Advice?

Effective marketing advice isn't just about promoting your brand; it's about connecting with your audience and driving growth for your small business. At Nicholson & Co, we understand the power of marketing as a catalyst for business success. We use our in-depth and first hand knowledge of great marketing strategies, to help guide you and your business toward its goals. 

Marketing advice is the cornerstone of a successful business strategy. It encompasses not only traditional marketing but also innovative approaches to reach and engage your audience effectively. Our marketing advice is grounded in understanding your brand, your audience, and your goals, ensuring that every strategy we propose aligns with your vision.

Our Approach

At Nicholson & Co, our approach to marketing advice is rooted in collaboration and innovation. We believe in understanding your brand inside-out, identifying unique selling points, and crafting strategies that resonate with your target market. We're not just advisors; we're partners invested in achieving your marketing objectives and driving tangible results.

How can we help?

Marketing Advice

We provide personalised guidance and strategies that align with your business' marketing goals. Our advice encompasses a deep discovery process, understanding of your brand, audience, and market, ensuring practical and effective advice to drive your marketing efforts forward.

Marketing Strategy

We collaborate closely with you to outline actionable plans aligned with your objectives. Our strategies are forward-thinking, leveraging insights and trends to steer your marketing efforts toward growth and engagement.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design service is twofold. Firstly, we provide expertly crafted designs tailored to your brand's visual identity, ensuring your marketing collateral stands out. Additionally, we offer guidance and training to empower your team with the skills to create compelling designs that align with your brand's essence.


Your brand's identity is crucial in the marketplace. Our Branding service focuses on refining and solidifying your brand's essence, positioning, and messaging. We collaborate with you to ensure that your brand reflects your values, resonates with your audience, and stands out in the competitive landscape.


We offer both hands-on advertising solutions, creating effective ad campaigns for your brand, and guidance to empower your team with advertising strategies and techniques to drive results independently.

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